💻 Emojipedia App

Emojipedia is primarly a web-based emoji resource. There is presently no official Emojipedia app for iOS or Android. You can pin Emojipedia to your home screen on either platform to allow one-tap access to our search from your home screen.

One app that may be helpful to the Mac-using Emojipedia audience has been created by Matt Sephton, with permission to use the Emojipedia name.

💻 Emojipedia for Mac

Lookup the details of any emoji directly from your Mac. Emojipedia for macOS uses the built-in Dictionary provided by Apple, but adds a custom lookup for emoji information. Click though to Emojipedia for the full definition.

The quickest installation is available by downloading Dictionaries.app, which makes finding additional sources for the macOS dictionary a one-click installation.

1. Download Dictionaries.app and run it

2. Click "Add Dictionary"

3. Select Emojipedia and Click "Add"


4. Once installed, Force Touch any emoji, or choose "Look up" from a conextual menu.


Emojipedia for Mac was created by Matt Sephton. Learn more about the apphow it was created or view the repository on Github.