🪽 Flügel


A single white wing with feathers. 

Can be used to talk about flying, both literally and metaphorical. May be used in phrases such as when pigs fly or time flies. May also be used to talk about angels or to say that someone or something is angelic.

Flügel wurde als Teil von Unicode 15.0 in 2022 genehmigt und zu Emoji 15.0 in 2022 hinzugefügt.

🚩 Approved in September 2022 as part of Emoji 15.0. Now available for select Samsung devices and Google platforms, and within Apple's iOS 16.4 beta. Expected to come to other platforms throughout 2023.

Displays in the monochrome Noto Emoji design on Emojipedia if your device has yet to provide support.

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