Sombrilla En La Arena

A large, open umbrella, as provides shade at a beach or patio. Generally depicted as a striped umbrella inserted into a patch of sand and tilted to the right.

Commonly used for various content concerning the beach, summer vacations (holidays), sunny weather, and relaxing outdoors.

The color of the stripes varies across platforms; Apple (no sand) and Samsung’s are red and yellow, while Google, Twitter and Facebook’s red and white, and WhatsApp’s rainbow-colored. Google’s was previously blue and white.

Not to be confused with other umbrella-related emoji, such as 🏖️ Beach With Umbrella, though their applications may overlap.

Sombrilla En La Arena se aprobó como parte de Unicode 5.2 en 2009 y se agregó a Emoji 1.0 en 2015.