Facebook 2.0

  • Vendor: Facebook
  • Version: 2.0
  • Release Date: Feb. 21, 2017
  • Emojis: 2074

Facebook began testing this emoji update in September 2016. This updat showed for all website users as of February 2017.

This release added compatibility with emojis from Unicode 7.0, Unicode 8.0 and Unicode 9.0.

None of the emojis in Facebook 2.0 are shared with the original set from 2014. Additionally, this release is separate from Facebook Messenger emojis.

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About Facebook Emojis

Facebook emojis appear for users of the Facebook website, Messenger for web, and Messenger for Android. Facebook apps for iOS and Android use native emojis for their respective platform instead of Facebook's own emoji images. As of March 2019, Facebook supports the Transgender Pride Flag emoji.


Facebook provides animated “emoji” reactions to posts. Reactions do not correspond to specific emojis in the Unicode standard, but approximate these characters:

  • 👍 Like — Thumbs Up
  • ❤️ Love — Beating Heart
  • 😂 Haha — Laughing Face
  • ☺️ Yay — Smiling Face (discontinued)
  • 😯 Wow — Surprised Face
  • 😢 Sad — Crying Face, showing an animated tear
  • 😡 Angry — Red / Angry / Pouting Face

Emoticons and Stickers

Facebook has an emoticon implementation which uses Facebook-specific codes to show a color emoticon, as well as an extensible sticker collection.

Facebook Emojis