🔭 Télescope

Signification de l'émoji

A telescope, as used to gaze at stars and planets in the night sky. Shown with an optical tube mounted on a tripod, positioned at various angles and generally depicted as metal.

Commonly used for various content concerning astronomy, outer space, celestial objects, and science more generally. May also be used for various concepts of sight (e.g., spying, viewing).

Twitter’s designs feature red hardware, as did as an older Google design.

Télescope a été approuvé dans le cadre de Unicode 6.0 en 2010 et ajouté à Emoji 1.0 en 2015.

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  • 🔭 Stargazing

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🔭 Telescope

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  • Proposition d'emojis Télescope : L2/09-114