🌻 Tournesol

Signification de l'émoji

A sunflower, a tall, round flower with large yellow petals. Depicted as a single, vertical sunflower with a large, dark-brown center on a green stem.

Commonly used for Mother’s Day and other special occasions. May be more generally used to convey such sentiments happiness and love. Also used as a yellow accent color and in association with summer and farming.

Not to be confused with 🌼 Blossom, which is yellow on many platforms.

Tournesol a été approuvé dans le cadre de Unicode 6.0 en 2010 et ajouté à Emoji 1.0 en 2015.

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Aussi connu sous le nom de

  • 🌻 Yellow Flower

Nom Apple

🌻 Sunflower

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