Mozilla Firefox OS 2.5

  • Vendor: Mozilla
  • Version: Firefox OS 2.5
  • Release Date: Jan. 31, 2016
  • Emojis: 816

The first milestone release of emojis planned for Firefox OS 2.5.

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About Mozilla Emojis

Mozilla's Firefox web browser uses a platform's native emoji support both on the web, as well as in apps for iOS and Android

On Windows platforms Firefox uses Twitter's Twemoji designs for flag emojis, which have never been supported by Microsoft's emoji set. 

Additionally, as of early 2022 Firefox on Windows uses Google's minimalist Noto Emoji designs for emojis yet to be supported by Microsoft, such as Emoji 14.0's 🫠 Melting Face and 🫶 Heart Hands.

In 2015 a set of free, open-source emojis was planned by Mozilla for Firefox OS. Abbreviated to fxemoji in the open-source project, this emoji set is not being actively worked on further. This never-implemented set is shown below.


  • Mozilla Firefox OS 2.5