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New emoji characters are approved on an annual basis, as part of wider updates to the Unicode Standard. 

Latest Emoji Updates

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Late 2017

Apple has confirmed that new emojis are coming to iOS by the end of 2017. A subset of the new Apple emojis has been previewed and is expected to arrive on iOS in October or November 2017.

Android and Windows have new emoji support in testing currently, with releases of Android 8.0 and Windows 10 Fall Creators Update expected in August or September 2017.

July 2017

Facebook added support for Emoji 5.0 in Facebook 2.1.

May 2017

Twitter added support for Emoji 5.0 in Twemoji.

Google previewed Android O with support for Emoji 5.0 in beta.

April 2017

Microsoft released Windows 10 Creators Update with support for Emoji 4.0.

March 2017

Unicode announced the final emoji list for 2017; Emoji 5.0.

Samsung released the Galaxy S8 with support for Emoji 4.0.

February 2017

WhatsApp for Android updated to support the new emojis from iOS 10.2.

December 2016

Apple released iOS 10.2 to the public, with support 104 new emojis, and a complete graphical redesign.

October 2016

Google released Android 7.1 with new emoji support.

September 2016

Apple released iOS 10.0.1 on September 13, 2016. This release included new gendered emojis, rainbow flag, and an updated pistol emoji. See what's new.