Estrela Cadente

A stylized representation of a shooting star, a small, fast meteor that burns up in the atmosphere. Generally depicted as a gold, five-point star trailing yellow motion lines against a night sky, as if moving down to the left.

May be used for astronomical stars and other content concerning space. Also may be used for flair or flourish. Sometimes used as a visual reference to NBC’s More You Know public service announcement, popular in the 1990s and featuring a shooting star logo.

Not to be confused with 💫 Dizzy, ⭐ Star, 🌟 Glowing Star, or ✨ Sparkles, though their applications may overlap.

Google’s star was previously trailed, without backdrop, by yellow lines, though these lines were blue in an even earlier design. Microsoft’s star was also previously trailed, without backdrop, by blue lines, though they were yellow before that.

Estrela Cadente foi aprovado como parte de Unicode 6.0 em 2010 e adicionado a Emoji 1.0 em 2015.