The face of a horse, generally facing left. Depicted as a light or reddish-brown horse with a dark brown or black mane, and, on many platforms, a light-colored muzzle.

Not to be confused with the full-bodied 🐎 Horse or 🏇 Horse Racing, though their applications may overlap. Some vendors implement a similar design in 🦄 Unicorn Face and 🦓 Zebra.

WhatsApp’s horse is facing left, as Facebook’s previously was. Microsoft’s horse was previously looking straight ahead, as was Samsung’s, shown with a goofy, full-toothed grin. Softbank previously featured a full-bodied horse.

Hästansikte godkändes som en del av Unicode 6.0 i 2010 och lades till Emoji 1.0 i 2015.

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