The popular dating app Tinder frequently reports on global emoji trends amongst their users.

In 2021πŸ‘€ Eyes (occasionall called "side eyes") experienced a 40% increase in usage in global Tinder bios.

In 2020 the fast growing emojis within Tinder were:

  1. 🀷 Person Shrugging
  2. πŸ–€ Black Heart
  3. 🌱 Seedling
  4. 🐯 Tiger Face
  5. 😷 Face with Medical Mask
  6. ✊🏿 Raised Fist: Dark Skin Tone
  7. 🀯 Exploding Head
  8. 🧻 Roll of Paper
  9. πŸ›’ Shopping Cart
  10. πŸ—³οΈ Ballot Box with Ballot

In 2019, over 300 million emojis were used in Tinder bios across the globle, with 🀦 Person Facepalming experiening the biggest growth in use.