Unicode Version 5.2

Unicode 5.2 pre-dated emoji inclusion in Unicode by one year, and included many characters primarily sourced from the ARIB set of Japanese broadcasting symbols.

The following characters were among those added to Unicode in 2009, several of which were given emoji presentation status in the years 2010-2015.

โ›ท๏ธSkierโ›น๏ธPerson Bouncing Ballโ›ฐ๏ธMountainโ›ชChurchโ›ฉ๏ธShinto Shrineโ›ฒFountainโ›บTentโ›ฝFuel Pumpโ›ตSailboatโ›ด๏ธFerryโ›…Sun Behind Cloudโ›ˆ๏ธCloud with Lightning and Rainโ›ฑ๏ธUmbrella on Groundโ›„Snowman Without SnowโšฝSoccer BallโšพBaseballโ›ณFlag in Holeโ›ธ๏ธIce Skateโ›‘๏ธRescue Workerโ€™s Helmetโ›๏ธPickโ›“๏ธChainsโ›”No Entryโ—Red Exclamation Markโญ•Hollow Red Circle๐Ÿ…ฟ๏ธP Button๐ŸˆฏJapanese โ€œReservedโ€ Button๐ŸˆšJapanese โ€œFree of Chargeโ€ Buttonโ›Car SlidingโšฟSquared Keyโ›‰Turned White Shogi Pieceโ›ฏMap Symbol for Lighthouseโ›ผHeadstone Graveyard Symbolโ›†Rainโ›•Alternate One-Way Left Way Trafficโ›–Black Two-Way Left Way Trafficโ›˜Black Left Lane Mergeโ››Heavy White Down-Pointing Triangleโ›ซCastleโ›‡Black SnowmanโšŸThree Lines Converging Leftโ› Restricted Left Entry-1โ›œLeft Closed Entryโ›จBlack Cross On Shieldโ›žFalling Diagonal In White Circle In Black Squareโ›ฎGear with Handlesโ›กRestricted Left Entry-2โ›’Circled Crossing Lanesโ›šDrive Slow Signโ›ฟWhite Flag with Horizontal Middle Black Stripeโ›—White Two-Way Left Way Trafficโ›ปJapanese Bank Symbolโ›‹White Diamond In Squareโ›ŠTurned Black Shogi Pieceโ›ญGear Without Hubโ›Squared SaltireโšžThree Lines Converging Rightโ›ถSquare Four Cornersโ›™White Left Lane Mergeโ›ŸBlack Truckโ›Disabled Carโ›พCup On Black Squareโ›ฃHeavy Circle with Stroke and Two Dots Aboveโ›ฌHistoric Siteโ›ŒCrossing Lanes

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