WhatsApp 2.12

  • Vendor: WhatsApp
  • Version: 2.12
  • Release Date: July 21, 2015
  • Emojis: 7

WhatsApp introduced support for the middle finger emoji in mid-2015, prior to its support in iOS 9.1.

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About WhatsApp Emojis

WhatsApp uses Apple emoji images for emoji support on all platforms, including Android, Windows and the web.

In October 2017 WhatsApp began testing a beta release with its own Apple-inspired emoji set. This is only available in beta releases right now, and no release date has been announced as yet.

WhatsApp Emojis

Browse the Apple emojis available in WhatsApp

The new WhatsApp emojis have a similar appearance to iOS, but are a unique set:

A few emojis appear differently in WhatsApp to other platforms. The red heart emoji has a beating animation, and appears larger than the other emojis when sent in a WhatsApp message:

Emojis Flags England, Scotland, and Wales are supported in WhatsApp but use non-standard country codes; which differs from the new Unicode subdivision flag support. WhatsApp for Web uses custom artwork for the middle finger emoji on all non-iOS platforms. This was added in 2015, prior to Apple supporting this emoji.