Hipster Cat

A variation of Ninja Cat which was shown wearing glasses, reading a book and holding a hot beverage. This emoji was included in Windows 10 as a proprietary ZWJ Sequence which was not supported by other vendors.

Variations included the canonical 🐱‍👤 Ninja Cat as well as ðŸ±‍🚀 Astro Cat🐱‍🐉 Dino Cat🐱‍💻 Hacker Cat and ðŸ±‍🏍 Stunt Cat.

Hipster Cat and the other variations of 🐱‍👤 Ninja Cat were removed in Microsoft's Fluent emoji redesign, released in late 2021.

Hipster Cat表情符号是一个ZWJ sequence结合🐱 猫脸, Zero Width Joiner and 👓 眼镜的表情符号。 这些在受支持的平台上显示为一个单一的表情符号。