A pointed knife with a steel blade, as used for thrusting in close combat. Generally depicted as double-edged with a black, brown or gold cross-shaped hilt and positioned at 45° angle, often with its tip at the lower left.

May represent knives and other bladed weapons (cf. ⚔️ Crossed Swords) as well as various senses of cutting and stabbing. Often applied to medieval or fantasy content.

Google’s design previously featured an icy-blue blade and sparkles, suggests a dagger elves may wield in fantasy.

May be paired with (or defended by) 🛡️ Shield. Not to be confused with 🔪 Kitchen Knife.

ছুরি, 2014-এ ইউনিকোড 7.0-এর অংশ হিসেবে অনুমোদিত হয়েছিল এবং 2015-এ Emoji 1.0-এ যোগ করা হয়েছিল।.

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