Emoji Version 14.0

Emoji 14.0 is the emoji update which will provide new emojis alongside Unicode 14.0.

Additions are expected to include mixed skin tone support for ๐Ÿค Handshake, which until now has been only default yellow on most major platforms. This requires new code points for each hand of the hand shake, which would arrive as part of Unicode 14.0 at the earliest.

A salute gesture and mirrored disco ball are also draft candidates. See Unicode Emoji subcommittee recommendations as of October 2020.

Scheduled for release in late 2021, any candidate approved for final release would come to major platforms by the end of 2022. This list is draft and subject to change.

For new emojis coming to devices throughout 2021, see Emoji 13.1. For new Apple emojis, see iOS 14.5.

New Emojis in Version 14.0

New Emoji Components in Version 14.0

  • No components in this release