Gender Neutral Emojis

This list is for emojis which do not specify a gender. This does not indicate that the characters will display with an ambiguous, gender neutral, gender inclusive, genderqueer or non-binary appearance on all (or any) platforms, but does ensure that a specific gender is not chosen.

For example, the 🤦 Person Facepalming emoji does not specify a gender, but was previously shown as a woman on most platforms. This same emoji once displayed as a man on iOS, but a woman on Samsung and Windows.

Truly neutral (smiley) characters such as Face With Cowboy Hat do not feature on this page, nor do characters that have an implicit appearance such as child, adult, or older adult. Additionally, as of 2019, ZWJ Sequences exist for many new gender-neutral emojis, which aren't listed here.

As of February 2020, iOS, Android and Twitter all use gender-inclusive designs for these emojis.