Here's some tips for more efficient use of Emojipedia.

URL shortcuts

Faster Search

  • 💡 Pin Emojipedia as a tab in Safari for OS X to have quick access to our search features any time.

  • 💡 On DuckDuckGo type !emoji at the start of a query to search Emojipedia directly

Better Browsing

  • 💡 To view all emojis with a specific skin tone, browse the modifiers page.
  • 💡 Some emojis are created from two or more other emojis. See how they work by viewing the codepoints.
  • 💡 To see what's new in emoji approvals, or platforms support, keep an eye on the new emojis page.

External Sites

  • 💡 Use the External Sites feature to browse emojis on other sites such as Instagram or Yelp.
  • 💡 Suggestion for additional external sites with emoji support? Tweet us!