👶 Bébé

Signification de l'émoji

The face of a baby with a small tuft of hair on top of its head. Some platforms show the baby sucking on a pacifier, and some platforms show a single tooth in the baby’s open mouth. Android previously displayed this emoji as a swaddled baby.

On Snapchat, the baby emoji signifies a new friend on the service. This emoji can also be used in the context of the meme “I’m baby.”

See also 👼 Baby Angel.

Bébé a été approuvé dans le cadre de Unicode 6.0 en 2010 et ajouté à Emoji 1.0 en 2015.

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Aussi connu sous le nom de

  • 👶 Child
  • 👶 Toddler

Nom Apple

👶 Baby

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