๐Ÿฆ– Genmoji - Apple's Emoji Image Creation Tool for iOS 18

Genmoji is an upcoming generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool developed by Apple. Announced as part of a selection of “Apple Intelligence” AI-based features, the Genmoji feature will allow users to generate emoji-like images through text prompts entered directly into their Apple keyboards. 

Shown below is a "t-rex wearing a tutu on a surfboard" example Genmoji.

Following a prompt, the Genmoji tool generates multiple variants of the emoji image design once the user as submitted the prompt, which the user can then scroll through to select their preferred generated emoji design.

Genmojis were announced for release with iOS 18 during Apple's WWDC event in June 2024. iOS 18 is currently expected to be made available to the public in September / October 2024, alongside the official announcement of the iPhone 16.

However, only select devices running iOS 18 will have access to Apple Intelligence features including Genmoji. Currently, only the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max devices include the processing power required to use Apple Intelligence features.

Genmoji has yet to be made available through the iOS 18 beta program.

Other Genmoji examples shown during WWDC include a smiley with cucumber slices over its eyes, a lox bagel, and a brown squirrel using DJ equipment.


Users can also include Apple’s Memoji designs they have previously created as part of a Genmoji image creation prompt.

In addition to allowing users to generate their own emoji-like Gemoji designs, iOS 18 will also allow users to place their generated emoji-like designs inline with text. It will also do the same for other emoji-like image features, such as Memojis

This ability, which will visually emulate how Unicode-recommended emoji characters and sequences are input inline with text,  is to be enabled through the development of a new NSAdaptiveImageGlyph API. 

This API will allow Genmoji and other sticker images to be accessed in a standard image format in a square aspect ratio with descriptive metadata and will support various different image resolutions. You can learn more about this NSAdaptiveImageGlyph here.

Genmojis can also be shared as tapback reactions and standalone sticker images.