Cucina Emoji

The Emoji Kitchen is a Google feature that allows Android users to send merged or elaborated sticker versions of Google’s emoji designs. Initially launched in early 2020 as a feature within Gboard on Android devices, the feature was added directly to Google search across devices in September 2023.

The emoji-inspired stickers the Emoji Kitchen displays are based on the words and emojis a user has entered into an eligible messaging or social media platform.

Entering two emojis in a row will offer a combination of those two emojis in many instances. Entering two of the same emoji in a row will often lead to an especially exaggerated "doubled up" version of that emoji's Google design. Note that several emojis share the same Emoji Kitchen designs.

As of June 2022 over 650 emojis are supported at least partially within the Emoji Kitchen. These include emojis from Emoji 14.0, such as 🫠 Melting Face and 🫣 Face with Peeking Eye, and as of December 2022 a small selection of Emoji 15.0 recommendations.   

There are presently nearly 30,000 possible combinations.

An update in summer 2021 introduced several hidden designs inspired by Google’s popular blob emoji set that was active between 2013 and 2017.

The blob-inspired designs are accessed by adding a 🪄 Magic Wand or a ✨ Sparkles emoji and then following it up with an additional emoji. If that additional emoji has a blob design available, it will appear as the first option in the Emoji Kitchen selection area. Learn more about the Emoji Kitchen's hidden blob emoji stickers.

Shown below are all the emojis currently supported within the Emoji Kitchen.