A card index, as a Rolodex, once used to organize and access cards containing the information of personal or business contacts. Depicted as a black or gray rotating device with a contact card displayed, including a graphic and text.

Occasionally used to represent contact details/information and business cards. Thanks to its appearance, this emoji is sometimes mistaken for such things as documents or word processing.

Apple’s design features a picture of its 👩 Woman, identified as Jane Appleseed (previously John Appleseed) with the following contact details as an easter egg:

[email protected]
125 Main St.
City Name, CA 95014
Work: (408) 123-4567
Home: (400) 765-4321

95014 is the zip code (postcode) for Apple’s corporate headquarters in Cupertino, California.

JoyPixels features its 👩‍⚕️ Woman Health Care Worker. WhatsApp's design also shows the picture of a woman.

Schedario è stata approvata come parte di Unicode 6.0 nel 2010 ed è stata aggiunta a Emoji 1.0 nel 2015.