Emoji Shortcodes

Emoji Shortcodes are codes used on various websites to speed up emoji insertion using a keyboard. These begin with a colon and include a shorter version of an emoji name.

For example :joy: shows 😂 Face With Tears of Joy on most platforms that support shortcodes.

These codes vary from platform to platform. Two major uses of these codes are on Github or Slack. Facebook has also used its own version of emoji shortcodes in the past.

Emojipedia currently lists shortcodes in the following groups:

  • Github: Used on Github and other platforms using Github-compatible shortcodes
  • Slack: Used on Slack message plaftom.
  • DiscordUsed on Discord message plaftom.
  • Emojipedia: A set of shortcodes based on the Unicode CLDR name of an emoji. These are not in common use on other platforms, but displayed as an example of how platforms could implement shortcodes