Twitter Emoji Stickers

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Twitter Emoji Stickers

When Twitter users are uploading an image within the platform's mobile app, they are able to make a variety of different edits to that image before posting the image as part of a tweet.

One edit option is the ability to overlay sticker icon on top of the uploaded image, and as of October 2022 the available sticker options include a custom set of glossy, highly-detailed emoji images. 

At present, these Twitter Emoji Stickers support emojis from up to late 2020's Emoji 13.1 recommendations. It is not presently known if or when these glossy designs will replace Twitter's long-standing open-source Twemoji emoji designs within tweets themselves.

These emoji designs are also currently used for the platform's Twitter Status feature, where users are able tag tweets with one of several pre-defined statuses consisting of an emoji design and text, such as "โœจ That's it, that's the Tweet".

Select designs from this sticker set first began to appear across different Twitter features from early 2021, such as the platform's short-lived Fleets feature.