A chicken, a bird used for its meat and eggs. Generally depicted as the white head of a chicken (hen or rooster) looking left, with a yellow beak, red comb on its head, and red wattle on its neck.

May be consumed in the form of 🍗 Poultry Leg. Not to be confused with the full-bodied 🐓 Rooster, though their applications overlap. Also may be used for metaphorical senses of chicken (e.g., “coward”).

See also 🐣 Hatching Chick, 🐤 Baby Chick, and 🐥 Front-Facing Baby Chick.

Available as an Apple Animoji.

Twitter’s chicken head is looking straight ahead. Microsoft’s chicken was previously yellow, while Samsung’s faced forward; Facebook’s design once featured a full, brown bird, while Google’s design previously featured a full bodied chicken.

Gallina è stata approvata come parte di Unicode 6.0 nel 2010 ed è stata aggiunta a Emoji 1.0 nel 2015.