Pulcino Visto Di Fronte

A baby chicken (chick), shown as if flapping its wings. Depicted as a yellow chick with an orange beak in full profile standing on its legs, generally with its wings raised.

Often used with an affectionate tone. May be used to represent various types of baby birds. May also be used to represent chicken foods (e.g., poultry, eggs), spring, Easter, or slang senses of chick.

Not to be confused with 🐤 Baby Chick or 🐣 Hatching Chick (still in its egg), though their applications overlap. See also 🐔 Chicken and 🐓 Rooster.

Facebook's design previously featured only a chick head facing forward.

Pulcino Visto Di Fronte è stata approvata come parte di Unicode 6.0 nel 2010 ed è stata aggiunta a Emoji 1.0 nel 2015.

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