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Persona: Capelli Bianchi

A person with white hair. This emoji maintains white hair no matter which skin tone is chosen. This emoji may be used to talk about people with white hair in a gender-inclusive way.

Variants include 👩‍🦳 Woman with White Hair and 👨‍🦳 Man with White Hair. See also 🧓 Older Person, which is similar, though is shown with wrinkles and gray hair on most platforms.

L'emoji Persona: Capelli Bianchi emoji è una ZWJ sequence che combina 🧑 PersonaZero Width Joiner and 🦳 Capelli Bianchi. Viene visualizzata come un'unica emoji sulle piattaforme supportate.

Persona: Capelli Bianchi è stata aggiunta a Emoji 12.1 nel 2019.

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