Toss Face (토스페이스)

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Toss Face (토스페이스)

South Korean financial technology company Toss (토스) provides its own emoji design set within its mobile application. The design set, entitled Toss Face (토스페이스), has also been made available as a free font file for Apple devices.

First launched in early 2022, the Toss Face emoji set originally included a series of intentionally divergent emoji designs compared to those of other vendors.

The majority of these divergent designs followed two broad themes. Firstly, rendering culturally-specific Japanese emojis with designs representing related South Korean concepts (e.g. the 🍶 Sake emoji appearing as makgeolli).

Secondly, emojis representing older technologies with designs representing more contemporary innovations. (e.g. 📟 Pager displaying as instant messaging speech bubbles; 🛺 Auto Rickshaw being displyed as a drone).

In March 2022 these divergent designs were updated to accurately reflect Unicode's recommendations. In April 2022 they were re-added to the Toss app using Private Use Area codepoints. 

The latest Toss Face emoji set supports emojis up to late 2021's Emoji 14.0 recommendations.