Unicode Version 5.1

The following characters were amongst those added to Unicode in 2008, the majority of which were given emoji presentation status in the years 2010-2015.

โญStar๐Ÿ€„Mahjong Red Dragonโฌ›Black Large SquareโฌœWhite Large Square๐Ÿ€žMahjong Tile Six of Circles๐Ÿ€€Mahjong Tile East Wind๐Ÿ€Mahjong Tile Five of Circles฿ทNKo Symbol Gbakurunen๐Ÿ€กMahjong Tile Nine of Circles๐Ÿ€Mahjong Tile Seven of Characters๐Ÿ€†Mahjong Tile White Dragon๐Ÿ€ŸMahjong Tile Seven of Circlesโ›‚Black Draughts Man๐Ÿ€œMahjong Tile Four of Circles๐Ÿ€’Mahjong Tile Three of Bamboos๐Ÿ€‡Mahjong Tile One of Characters๐Ÿ€•Mahjong Tile Six of Bamboos๐Ÿ€ฃMahjong Tile Orchid๐Ÿ€‰Mahjong Tile Three of Characters๐Ÿ€Mahjong Tile Nine of Characters๐Ÿ€”Mahjong Tile Five of Bamboos๐Ÿ€—Mahjong Tile Eight of Bamboos๐Ÿ€คMahjong Tile Bamboo๐Ÿ€ฉMahjong Tile WinterโšผSesquiquadrateโšถVestaโšทChironโšตJuno๐Ÿ€™Mahjong Tile One of CirclesโšOutlined White Starโ›€White Draughts ManโšธBlack Moon Lilith๐Ÿ€Mahjong Tile South Wind๐Ÿ€…Mahjong Tile Green Dragon๐Ÿ€Mahjong Tile One of Bamboos๐Ÿ€ฆMahjong Tile Spring๐Ÿ€ƒMahjong Tile North Wind๐Ÿ€‚Mahjong Tile West Wind๐Ÿ€ Mahjong Tile Eight of CirclesโšบSemisextile๐Ÿ€ขMahjong Tile PlumโšนSextile๐Ÿ€ŠMahjong Tile Four of Characters๐Ÿ€‘Mahjong Tile Two of Bamboos๐Ÿ€“Mahjong Tile Four of Bamboos๐Ÿ€˜Mahjong Tile Nine of Bamboos๐Ÿ€งMahjong Tile SummerโšปQuincunx๐Ÿ€‹Mahjong Tile Five of Characters๐Ÿ€–Mahjong Tile Seven of Bamboosโ›White Draughts King๐Ÿ€ŽMahjong Tile Eight of Charactersโ›ƒBlack Draughts King๐Ÿ€šMahjong Tile Two of Circles๐Ÿ€ŒMahjong Tile Six of Characters๐Ÿ€›Mahjong Tile Three of Circles๐Ÿ€ซMahjong Tile BackโšณCeresโšดPallas๐Ÿ€จMahjong Tile Autumn๐Ÿ€ชMahjong Tile Joker๐Ÿ€ˆMahjong Tile Two of Characters๐Ÿ€ฅMahjong Tile Chrysanthemum

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